My new book coming out soon! 

I am pleased to announce that my eBook: "HEAVEN ON CLOUD SEVEN" will be published in the coming few weeks. It will be avaibale on Sony, Barnes and Noble, IPad, Kindle, Nook and many other formats. It is a collection of romantic poetry prasing feminine beauty.

Hubert Temba now has blog columns Hubert Temba now has blog columns: one is and the other one is on the blog column of this website. You can also google or search his blog or music/writings on any search engine. Thank you all.

Plse check new blogs 

I am going to write more seriously now. And please check the blogs from time to time. I would like to hear your comments and opinions. Thank you. Hubert

Hubert's newest songs out 

Hubert's newest singles LET IT BE (LENNON/MCCARTNEY) and LOVE HAS FOUND LOVE (HUBERT TEMBA) can heard. See the homepage to this website.

Republicans are the problem 

We have Pakistanis working in this country. And those guys are very smart. We have Koreans working in this country. And those are very smart. We have Somalis, we have Ethiopians, we have Haitians and we are a melting pot. When Sarah Palin talks about the average ^6Pack Joe" she is very stupid. Not everybody in America who is paying the taxes that makes it us sending 10 billion dollars to Iraq every month drinks beer. Sarah Palin is a joke. She is so low that a man with good English can explain. She is the…

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The McCain-Palin ticket and republicans are sinking faster than gravity can allow. The laws of physics and creation say that you can't fall faster than mass times acceleration, right? And the laws about floatation on water say that you displace water in the amount of your own weight. Right Now the Republicans, with their intern student Karl Rove are sinking with their prejudiced and foolish maneuvres. Karl Role who engineered the failing George Bush praised the nomination of Sarah to the helms of a…

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Republicans in the USA are governed by the Devil. 

Republicans in the USA are the sons and daughters of the devil. They are the reason Adam was kicked out of heaven Republicans are very racists, they are bigots, they are Hitler-like. They are the worst people on earth. They are hateful. And now in the 2008 year they want to run the USA and the whole world. The USA needs a more intelligent person than Johm McCain and the moose killer Sarah Palin. What do Republicans think. Do they think they are the best thinkers in the world? They are actually…

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Wallmart Stores and the Devil 

Wallmart Stores and the Devil by Hubert Temba, Fulbright Award Winner. The Wall Street Journal reported that Wallmart is putting pressure on its emloyees not to vote for the Democrats and Barack Obama. I find that illegal, coercion is tantamount to kidnapping and Wallmart by doing that they going against employment laws as they have done for decades. Now it is the time to put the trap on their nest and let lose everything, because Wallmart with its cheap prices, given that cheap prices do not come…

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JIMI HENDRIX AND THE 2008 USA PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS By Hubert Temba After the leaves have turned brown in October and fallen off the trees, and after the hooligans have celebrated Halloween in the midst of the turmoil, and after the debates and all the bloggers have gone to bed, there will be a cool and cold November 4th morning, the day before which, there was enthusiasm to mobibilize a lot of voters to change history in the USA. And the wind will whisper Mary. After all the networks have…

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Question About Cindy McCain,the one who is always behind McCain on cameras, like a shadow ... 

McCain says that Obama is out of reach Because he says Obama supported sex education What is wrong for kids to know of predators? Sexual predators, people who fondle kids and even babies McCain is out of touch Cindy McCain is out of touch With so many beers being sold to minors And they get raped on the street While Cindy McCain cannot campaign Or be on her own Does she have children to take care of? Or is she just another mannequin Yes Cindy McCain is a mannequin Look at her every time…

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